Politicians are not gods – Lydia ‘barks’at hungry footsoldiers

Actress Lydia Forson has advised party footsoldiers against worshipping politicians because they are not gods.

According to her, politicians are servants of the people who are put in places of trust to manage the country’s resources.

To her, if a politician put in a position of trust and is unable to perform to the country’s satisfaction, there is the need for the citizens to rise and put them in their right place by sacking them.

The actress who made this known in a post on Facebook sighted by MyNewsGh.com said “The government is us. We vote a party into power to work for us. The minerals and natural resources in this country are for us. We make the party in power the trustees over these things so they administer them for our benefits. Politicians are not gods. They are civil servants, they work for us! If they misappropriate the country’s resources, we have the power to remove them and appoint another party to come into power and work for us. Let’s put #Ghanafirst. We should be loyal to Ghana and not our political parties! We need to be an active citizenry and hold government to account – irrespective of political affiliation!”.

On why Ghana political affiliates will kill just to please a politician, she noted that most Ghanaians are not where they want to be in life so they do all they can to please a politician so that he can help them climb lives ladder with ease.

“Last night a had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine, and we came to a sad conclusion. A lot of the people in this country don’t have a problem with the system, instead their problem is with their place in the system.It’s why they worship the very people who keep them poor and oppressed; you will see people who can’t afford toilet paper jumping from comment section to another to defend corrupt government officials, questionable men of God and even people committing fraud.They hail them, worship them and are willing to put their lives on the line for these very people who take from them and leave them poor.They do all this in the hopes that some day, if they support them enough, they may get a hand up the ladder to be in the position to do the oppressing.”


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