Police arrest man who was driving recklessly in viral video

The Police have arrested the driver of the black Mercedes Benz, who was captured in a viral video driving dangerously at the airport traffic lights in Accra.

According to Joy News sources, the driver, who was picked up by the Airport Police on Sunday morning, is currently in custody.

Police arrest driver driving dangerously in viral video

On Saturday evening, the video of Mr Sasa driving dangerously at the Airport traffic light in Accra went viral on social media.

The suspect, driving a black Mercedes Benz, was filmed driving dangerously under a traffic light that had signalled motorists to stop.

Police arrest driver driving dangerously in viral video

He then drove into the middle of the four-lane road and, in a Fast and Furious movie fashion, turned his car in circles and eventually sped off before the traffic light turned green.

Video below:

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