People won’t stop drinking alcohol because of your celebrity ban’ – Amandzeba tells FDA.

‘People won’t stop drinking alcohol because of your celebrity ban’ – Amandzeba tells FDA.

Veteran highlife artiste Amandzeba Nat Brew popularly known in the music circles as Amandzeba says that the ban on celebrities advertising for alcoholic beverages by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) will not stop people from consuming alcohol.

He said a celebrity’s endorsement of such beverages is not the determining factor in whether or not a person will drink alcohol.

Speaking on Joy FM’s entertainment analysis programme, Showbiz A-Z, Amandzeba said alcohol consumption is a choice influenced by one’s moral upbringing and not what is seen on television.

“It is not what I see that is going to make me disrespect my parents,” he said.

The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) called out Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay over accusations that the Authority is unfairly preventing celebrities from making earnings.

The musician, born Wendy Addo, took to social media to vent her spleen over an alcoholic beverage commercial deal she claimed to have lost due to advertisement guidelines by the FDA.

The 23-year-old musician was of the view that the Authority’s directive was an attempt to “take food from our mouth”.

Failure to ink this deal, according to the RuffTown Records signee has cost her a great deal as money she could have potentially generated has been lost and called on fellow celebrities to rise against the policy.

Amandzeba, however, shares that television presented a lot of content [that is likely to corrupt moral values] but a person with a strong moral upbringing – like him – should be able to resist them.

“As at now, before my father died two years ago, when I speak with my father I have my hands right behind me. I’m an African and I’ll have to stick to that kind of value,” he said.

The ‘Wobejeke’ hitmaker believes that the foundation [of moral values] of every child will have to come from the parent and not what they see on TV.

“It’s people’s choice, they can choose to drink alcohol or not but the fact of the matter is that charity begins at home,” he stated.

Amandzeba, has been recently signed unto US-based entertainment company, Jah Mikal Entertainment.

The union has seen the remake of his major hit “Wobejeke” featuring American rapper Michael Morgan.

Amandzeba said the reason behind the remix of the song “is to introduce our brothers in the diaspora into our cultural space.”

He is yet to release an album which he disclosed will be launched in August 2020.
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