People with THIS personality trait have the best s3x life, according to science

As important it is to have a healthy sex life, the one thing that anyone wants is to be good in bed. Yes, bad sex is a buzz kill and nobody wants to have a go around it.

Being good in bed depends on a lot of factors. If you believe it is just your libido at work, think again. More often than not, sexual desire for both genders involves some build-up and chemistry, which takes a little time and does not happen out of the blue (unless you have raging hormones).

Just like your personality traits set you apart while making friends or finding a potential partner, studies suggest that the same traits can actually make you a better lover and be more satisfied in bed.

Mental health researchers at Ruhr University, Germany surveyed close to 964 heterosexual couples and asked them questions about their sex lives. The answers were put in comparison with the big five personality dimensions, as defined by psychology-extrovertedness, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.

People were asked to rate themselves on certain parameters, including factors like how easy it is for them to get aroused, sexual openness and inhibitions, initiation, sexual problems. Based on this, the study found out that there was a big relation between personality type and sexual performance.


If you thought scheduling and practicing conscientiousness was killing off your sex life, it might as well be the other way around.

Researchers observed that of the “Big Five” personality traits, the ones who experienced quality sex and reported being the “most satisfied” in bed were the ones who practiced “conscientiousness.”

Conscientious people try to be more oriented, thorough in their approach and recorded taking out more time for actually “scheduling” or prioritizing sex in their life. The need to be organized and planned actually helped people with this personality type enjoy a healthy and satisfactory sex life in between busy schedules.

It might seem like the least sexy or the more less adjusting of all personality traits but when it comes to the bedroom dynamics, this is the personality trait to look out for.

The study also found out that those who were more open also tend to have an active imagination to explore and try out new things in bed.

The best tip? If you want sex to be mind-blowing, start scheduling sex into your to-do list!

Akosua Boatemaa

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