Video: Pastor caught having sekz with friend’s wife (Watch)

A pastor having an affair with a friend’s wife is very rare for one to hear or come across. In a video intercepted by gave us a different perspective as a pastor was caught having sekz with the wife of his closest friend.

According to sources, the man suspected there was something going on between his friend the pastor, and his wife from the way the two acted in his presence.

So he devised a strategy in trucking them down and thankfully it was successful and his suspicion was also true as he caught the pastor red-handed with his wife.

He took the pain in recording the two (her wife and pastor) when he caught them and one could clearly see that the pastor felt embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

It is reported that the pastor has been handed to the Christian council to be dealt with accordingly. This incident happened in Kenya.

Watch Video here


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