Pastor beaten by Church members for using their Tithe money to Buy Range Rover – Watch Video

A Ghanaian pastor has been beaten to pulp by some members of his church for buying Range Rover with their tithe money.

But one such Ghanaian pastor was not as lucky when violent congregants confronted him to protest that their ‘seed’ failed to bear fruit.

The followers of the flashy preacher were apparently angered that the preacher had bought a Range Rover as they (congregants) went through economic hardship. They wanted their money back.

They attacked the pastor last week as he drove into a government building with the top-of-the-range vehicle with his wife seated on the passenger front seat.

In a video, the flock are seen harassing the fairly young pastor demanding, “give us back our tithes and offerings, it can’t be that you are the only one getting rich as the rest of us languish in poverty.”

The pastor had pulled over to have a word with the angry flock who would not have anything with him.

Not even pleas from his wife who stood by him as he was clobbered helped.

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Joseph Ikuna who posted the video said: “Church members demand their tithes and offering from Pastor after he bought a new Range Rover.”

But one Joseph Kutuley Greg Nwoko claimed that the beating had nothing to do with tithe or offering.

He said it was misplaced and ungodly. “This pastor runs an investment company, which has not been able to pay returns to investors. He was at the court and the aggrieved investors organised men to attack him,” he said.

“Whoever posted the video is a liar and stupid.”

It is still unclear whether the man of clothe runs a side hustle besides preaching that sunk with the congregants’ money.

Nonetheless, the disgraced pastor struggled to put on a brave face during the incident, and on spotting an open room nearby, he jumped in and closed the door behind him.

Watch Video below;


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