Passengers fight trotro driver for playing dirge songs


Most people are of the notion that when one wakes up the first thing he or she needs to do is to thank the Almighty God for making them see another day. Not everyone believes in that concept.

Passengers from Nungua to Madina in the capital, Accra have rained insults on a commercial bus (trotro) driver for playing dirge songs during the early hours on Wednesday, June 3,2020.

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According to the passengers, it is bad for someone to begin the day with such songs and also trusts that, by so doing, the person encounters bad luck throughout the day.

The driver, Mr. Kwabena Boadu who was furious retaliated that, he is a fan of such songs and no one can tell him the kind of music he should play in his car.

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According to him, such songs inspire and bring him a lot of luck during the day.

The driver who was ready to alight the passengers halfway went on to say that, no one can take his source of joy from him. He chooses to play the songs he wants in his car, so far as it gives him joy. And it doesn’t matter, the time he listens to these songs.





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