Parts of Accra flooded after heavy Monday morning rainfall

The capital of Ghana, Accra, was hit by floods again on Monday morning after a deluge of rain.

A great deal of traffic jams were caused by the flooding, which left many traders, business employees, students, and drivers soaking and stuck.

Cars were forced to stop by the side of the road in places including Pokuase, Achimota, Odawna, Tesano, and Alajo in order to escape the pouring rain.

The eagerness to face the second week of May has been slowed by the packed cars that have lined up in the immovable trail of traffic, forcing some to walk to their destinations.

Parts of Accra flooded after heavy Monday morning rainfall

Regretfully, but it’s true that Accra frequently floods even after the smallest sprinkle of rain. As if that weren’t enough, a lot of people have abused the threat by throwing their trash into the seas where it would eventually be transported away.

Following an hour or so of rain, a purported resident was seen on camera throwing away his trash with his trash can fully submerged in the water.

Given that most of Accra’s drainage systems are clogged with plastics, wrappers, and cans, overflowing with trash and perhaps posing a threat to public health, this may not be the first or even the last.

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