Paracetamol is a dangerous drug – Dr. Okoe Boye


A medical practitioner has described Paracemotal as a dangerous drug that must not be taken as an ordinary mint.

According to Dr. Bernard Okoe Boye the common pain killer could be dangerous if it crosses some threshold in the Liver.


He minces no words to tell Ghanaians to desist from taking Paracetamol like an ordinary mint.Taking Paracetamol like a mint is dangerous to one health, he averred.

The permanent use of Paracetamol is dangerous to the health of people who fall on it anytime they have pains, he said.


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He said if the threshold of the drug rises in the Liver it becomes very very dangerous to the life of the patient.

Dr Bernard Okoe Boye, who was the Deputy Minister for Health made this disclosure speaking on the ‘Good Morning Ghana’ television discussion show on Accra-based Metro TV hosted by Dr Randy Abbey.

He was quick to add that because the drug is an over-the-counter drug, people do not know that excessive intake of the drug is dangerous to the health of a patient.

People turn to think that because the drug is an over-the-counter, it is not dangerous but it is not the case, he revealed.

He cautioned the public to be wary of the continuous taking of the pain killer, Paracetamol.

The drug is good and offers instant relief but when taken excessively it becomes dangerous in the body system of a patient, he posited.

He further cautioned the public to be cautious when they have to take Paracetamol repeatedly


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