P-Square finally settle their beef after 4 years


The twin brothers, Paul and Peter were on each other’s head over some internal misunderstanding involving themselves and their spouses.

After penetrating the market and producing hit songs together since 2001, the irreconcilable differences saw them go their separate ways.


It was no more a P-Square affair, but a Mr P and Rudeboy individual brands.

Years down the line, the brothers have finally listened to counsel as they have followed each other on social media.


Their new relationship did not end there; one of the brothers, Peter, took the children of Paul to a massive shopping ahead of Christmas.

He was captured on tape sponsoring them to some toys, clothes and jewelry.


As the kids were having fun with what they have gotten for the Christmas, their mum was heard in the background saying, ‘’they need not do Christmas shopping again’’.

Fans and celebrity colleagues have expressed their happiness for the new development in their relationship.


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