Owusu Bempah’s dubious Fixing The Country Movement collapses


Whatsup News has seen leaked communications showing that Fixing The Country Movement, the scavenger pressure group set up by apparatchiks of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) has imploded, as the deputy convener of the group, Hopeson Adorye bows out.

Kwame Baffoe, popularly known as Abronye DC who doubles as the Bono Regional Chairman of the NPP and a lead convener of the group is also leaving, Whatsup News gathered.

Screenshots leaked from their Whatsup group shows that recently, around midnight of a yet- unknown day, Hopeson Adorye announced his disengagement from the group, saying: “I wish to inform the group that I Hopeson Adorye is no more a member of the Fixing The Country Movement with immediate effect. The reasons will be known later. Thank you for your support and cooperation. I cannot stand one-man show.”

The foul-mouth Director of Communications at the Ghana Gas Company Limited, Ernest Owusu-Bempah is the main convenor of the group, leading to speculations that Mr. Adorye’s reference to “one-man show” may be referring to Owusu-Bempah.

Shortly afterwards, one Barrister Danny, another top member of the group concurred with Adorye and announced his own disengagement from the group as well.

It appears Hopeson Adorye is mulling reviving the comatose Young Patriots, an organization of footsoldiers for the NPP which went down under after the party came to power.

Young Patriots were quite erudite during the campaigns of the NPP between 2008 and 2016, but they apparently fed off fat from their newfound political power and became dormant when the NPP won the elections in 2016. Adorye was a vocal and important member of the group.

“You know how Young Patriots worked for all the 8 years in opposition without any misunderstanding. We were transparent as well,” in the leaked communications, Adorye told another member of the Fixing The Country Movement, one “Chief Sources”.

The reason for the disintegration of the Fixing The Country Movement is not immediately known, but Whatsup News is picking up unconfirmed snippets that may have involved blowing huge cash by top executives of the group on the blindside of some of the members.

The accountability problem is confirmed by one member called “Rachael Fixing The Country” who begged Adorye not to disband the group. “No quitting pls…let seek the accountability,” she said.

Another member called “Bono” was exasperated by the turn of events in the group, saying: “So fixing the country group itself needs fixing? A sorry sordid state of affairs indeed. What do you guys expect the opposition to say about us?”

Meanwhile, Fixing The Country is scavenging of the name of the youth movement #FixTheCountry, and it was set up to confuse the public and counter the legitimate fast-rising youth pressure group #FixTheCountry.

Adorye’s group was basically set up as a sycophantic group whose main objective is to sing praises for the Akufo Addo administration that has been rocked by massive corruption, unbridled borrowing and general misrule.

#FixTheCountry, therefore, became a powder keg for the disillusionment of Ghanaians with the Akufo-Addo government which has borrowed more than any government in the entire history of the country.

Despite borrowing close to GHC 200 billion, the Akufo Addo administration has not been able to improve the country the way it had promised to do during the political campaign season.


Source: whatsupnewsghana




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