Owusu Bempah wades into Caleb Kudah and National Security brouhaha


NPP’s Ernest Kofi Owusu Bempah  has added his voice to the ongoing brouhaha between Citi FM journalist, Caleb Kudah and National Security.

Sharing his opinion, Mr. Owusu Bempah wrote;


Caleb Kudah, Colonel Frank Agyeman, and Irresponsible media

At the risk of sounding condescending and being labelled snobbish, I’ll like to do a critical analysis of Caleb Kudah’s invasion of National Security installations and matters arising.


It all began when Caleb Kudah posted pictures of a so-called abandoned vehicles procured by MASLOC and left to rot for years.

The Deputy CEO of MASLOC, Afia Akoto drew his attention to the fact that, the cars in question have been distributed for use. After being exposed for his mercenary journalism, Caleb sheepishly rendered some jokes of an apology and later proceeded to the precincts of
National Security Secretariat to ascertain if indeed the vehicles have been distributed.


After discovering that the said vehicles were no where to be found, he started filming other vehicles, buses and dusty V8s parked at the National Security premises.

Indeed, he irresponsibly run commentary and he himself even admitted in the video that he was taking the video in a national security zone.

And after he was rounded off by National Security operatives, Caleb came back with an afterthought that he was beaten and abused.

We are being fed with fake news and quackery media practices and people still want us to swallow such unprofessional conduct?

Don’t the Ghanaian people deserve professionalism in the works of journalists?

This is always the problem in this country. The media Cabal and their unpatriotic conduct is perfectly feasible to anyone that actually READS IT!

This same Cabal wants to always stand in the way of people that want to actually REFORM the system.

Who in his right senses goes into a national security installation and take pictures? Are these journalists telling us that taking photographs and filming of security installations is ever allowed anywhere in the world?

Can these media practitioners try this in the offices of M15, FBI, PENTAGON and KGB?

This acts of unprofessionalism can land you in jail in other jurisdiction and here in Ghana we are glorifying it.

Even the bigotry of this unprofessional journalist stings.

Listen to him:

“I had to mention that I come from Cape Coast in order to escape from further beatings. If I had confirmed that I am an Ewe, I would have received further beatings.”

Look at that. How the hell can this traitorous excuse for a journalist attempt to shove his bigoted and tribal views down the throat of Ghanaians under the guise of media practice?

Where are the right thinking members of the presss?

Can the media practitioners with backbone step forward and take their rightful place and play their proper role as the fourth estate of our democratic practice?

To the extent that Caleb Kudah shrewdly brought in the tribal card just to feel high about his bigoted state speak volumes.

In otherwords, this quark journalist is telling us that, if you act irresponsibly and you got picked up by law enforcement agencies, you can play the tribal card to escape punishment.

And these are the stuff that passes for journalism in this country. No wonder ethical standard is plummeting through the floorboards.

According to the ethics of the press, the public have the right to unbiased, accurate, balance and comprehensive information. The principles of journalistic code of ethics are designed as guides through numerous difficulties such as conflicts of interest to assists journalists in dealing with ethical dilemmas.
The codes and cannons provide journalists the framework for self-monitoring as they pursue professional assignments yet journalistic codes are flouted with impunity by quacked practitioners in Ghana.

The public in Ghana is being served day in day out with lies, myths, factual inaccuracies, gross ineptitude and outright oversimplification of facts by practitioners.

Elsewhere in the world, journalism is a multi-billion dollar business that thrives on the scholarship of seasoned professionals and the news hungry temperament of the literate public but over here it is a regular doses of hype, sloppy reporting, sensationalism, distortions, innuendos and adversarial reporting pursued by self opinionated dogmatists.

Bob Woodward, a Washington Post reporter in the US became a living legend among journalists the day Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency in 1974 when his deep throat source unraveled the Watergate Scandal.

We can also talk of Christiana Amampour, Andrew Gilligan, Lyse Doucet, and others who are using journalism to shake the foundation of democracy around the world.

The Ghana Journalist Association(GJA) is becoming irrelevant because it is unable to control its recalcitrant and intransigence members who continue to disregard its own code of ethics with impunity.

Trail blazers like Nana Essilfie Kondua, Cyril Acolatse, Tommy Thompson, Godwin Avornogbor, Kweku Baako, etc have suffered in vain.

Journalists can still be fearless in their trade but there ought to be a thin line between our National Security concerns and press freedom.

We cannot continue to blatantly disregard and disrespect our national security apparatus in the name of media practice.


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