Over 23,000 people in Western Region infected with HIV – AIDS Commission

According to the Western Regional Office of the Ghana AIDS Commission, there are an estimated 23,904 HIV-positive people residing in the area.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Takoradi, Mr. Dramani Yakubu, the Commission’s Western Regional Technical Coordinator, disclosed this information.

He added that the area saw about 1,101 new HIV infections in the previous year, translating to a 1.63 percent prevalence rate.

“This is a major concern for the Commission and its partners, because it means out of every 100 people in the region, about two of them are living with HIV,” he said.

Mr. Yakubu warned the public not to participate in activities that raise their risk of catching the virus and voiced concern about the rising trend of HIV infections. He underlined how crucial it is to take precautions in order to stop the HIV virus from spreading.

Over 23,000 people in Western Region infected with HIV – AIDS Commission

Mr. Yakubu encouraged people to take advantage of self-testing programs and voluntarily be tested for HIV in order to promote proactive health practices and public knowledge of the disease. Acquiring timely knowledge of one’s status facilitates immediate action and facilitates access to essential medical treatments, which in turn promotes efficient HIV management and prevention.

He said, “It is important to test to know our HIV status and that of our partners and if your test is positive, you ought to visit a health facility to start treatment immediately because taking medication consistently reduces the amount of virus in one’s body, promotes good health and prolongs their lifespan.”

In addition, Mr. Yakubu asked people to avoid stigmatizing those who are infected with the virus, stressing that stigma associated with HIV prevents voluntary testing, treatment, care, and support for those who are impacted.

Mr. Yakubu revealed that his office, along with other stakeholders, had given out condoms, HIV test kits, informational flyers, and pamphlets to the general public in advance of this year’s World AIDS Day. This year’s commemoration theme, “Let Communities Lead,” emphasizes the value of community engagement in the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Communities are essential for providing people with person-centered public health services, building trust, supervising the execution of policies and programs, and holding service providers responsible, according to Mr. Yakubu.

He thinks that with actively involving communities, HIV can no longer be a public health concern.

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