OSP returns Cecilia Dapaah’s assets and cash

A protracted legal dispute has come to a conclusion with the return of the cash and properties that the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) had taken from Cecilia Abena Dapaah.

Former Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources Mrs. Dapaah has taken back possession of GHC2,730,000 and $590,000 that were taken from her home at first.

After a decision in favor of Mrs. Dapaah, the Economic and Financial Division of the High Court ordered the release of her assets and the de-freezing of her bank accounts.

On January 25, 2024, Justice Nana Brew, who took over as the case’s judge after Justice Edward Twum was relieved, rendered her decision.

The OSP immediately complied with the court’s specified 72-hour timeframe for returning the seized assets.

OSP returns Cecilia Dapaah’s assets and cash

The money that had been detained was collected by Mrs. Dapaah’s legal representatives by visiting the OSP offices within twenty-four hours of the court’s ruling.
This was a smooth transfer of funds to Mrs. Dapaah, unlike earlier cases where the OSP re-seized the money following a court order for its release.

Furthermore, according to The Law Platform, a letter was sent by the Office of the Special Prosecutor to Societe General and Prudential Bank requesting that bank accounts belonging to Mrs. Dapaah be defrosted. It has been verified that Mrs. Dapaah sent a check to one of the banks, which was appropriately honored.

After enduring a protracted judicial battle about the seized assets, Cecilia Abena Dapaah has achieved a big win with this resolution. Now that the money has been returned and her bank accounts have been unfrozen, Mrs. Dapaah is free to proceed without being constrained by the asset seizure.

The outcome of this case, however, calls into doubt the legal foundation for the OSP’s initial seizure and subsequent measures. It is anticipated that further attention will be paid to the circumstances underlying these cases in order to safeguard the future rights of those who may be affected.

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