One major reason why guys suddenly stop showing interest in ladies

Many women are all familiar with men who sweep into the scene, showing all the interest, sending endless messages, giving compliments and following all these up with more attention.

Of course for many women who have experience this, it is both confusing, annoying, frustrating, tiring and just totally unexplainable.

This is so because some men date for sport. In other words, they just do this for fun. They do it out of boredom. Deceiving a woman with words and effort,wooing her, showing her interest and doing all those things that counts as meaningful efforts…. They just do it for the fun of it .

The confusion when men pull acts of disappearance often leaves women wondering that they possibly did wrong to Chase them away . When they get tired of the thrill. Usually, after getting your complete attention and sometimes, sex, they pull out.

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The internet either reduces till it vanishes or the ghost on you completely.

So if you art sure that it was not something you did , and he is not even giving you an opportunity to know why he suddenly stopped showing interest , then there’s really nothing you could possibly do and it’s about time you stopped bothering yourself about him and let him go.

Sometimes , women always rush to accept proposal from guys just because they are nice , they drive their own cars and can talk nicely not knowing they are selling their hearts to the heart breaker himself. So please be careful not all guys are meant for relationship . They just came to live to destroyed your natural beauty .

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