Ola Michael blasts uncouth Kennedy Agyapong for reducing the reputation of ladies to nothingness

Producer, entertainment critic, and presenter Ola Michael in a Facebook has Kennedy Ohene Agyapong for tarnishing the images of 13 ladies who have allegedly slept with Bishop Obinim.

Kennedy Agyapong yesterday mentioned the names of the ladies Angel Obinim has chopped on Net 2 TV.

And as a result, many people have been enjoying the whole drama that has tarnished the image of a lot of ladies.

In a long Facebook post we have sighted, Ola questioned the logic behind this whole agenda to make the innocent ladies look ‘bad’ by no mean a person but a lawmaker.

Read his full post below:

A member of parliament, is on TV, showing pictures of innocent ladies, destroying their image and dignity, and all I see is people happily watching on.

The same man who knows tapes can be doctored, when he was arrested for treason, is today relying on tapes and pictures to malign the dignity of Ghanaian ladies.

And intelligent men and women are happily enjoying it without questioning him. It is not your sister. So, it is cool. Wait till it happens to you or your sister.

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He alleges these girls are Obinim’s girlfriends and we all take it hook, line and sinker?

Wasn’t it the same man who showed you a video of Obinim and daughter and told you the girl was his girlfriend?

There are people in this country who are also supposed to defend the vulnerable but they are all enjoying the show.

The man has not been able to show a single sextape to substantiate the girls are indeed his girlfriends but depending on lies and the same gossips he is espousing.

How many times haven’t we been accused of fucking some girl you were so close to? When indeed you were not but cus people just can’t be just friends with beautiful ladies without removing their panties, they expect each man to be subject to the very weakness they possess.

The Honorable Member of Parliament is blissfully displaying pictures of some ladies and saying for the others they are married, he won’t showed theirs, lest it destroys their marriages. Doesn’t it confuses you?

He shouldn’t also show the pictures of the other ladies cus they may be dating and their fiances would also break up with them! Doesn’t he also know that these girls he’s showing, if not married now, will also not get husbands because a rich man lied about them?That is the country we live in.

The poor man’s rights and dignity means nothing when the rich man speaks.

The poor are always destroyed by the rich and they have no one to defend them. The viewers are enjoying it cus as dimwits and callous as we are, we always enjoy seeing a Ghanaian being destroyed by the other. It is indeed a beautiful sight for comedy.

Let’s keep supporting the rich to keep violating, defacing and spitting on the human rights of the poor. The only times I hear of someone suing the other for defamation of character, has been between rich people suing the other or poor ones.

Hardly the other way round.Yes in our country human rights is for the rich alone and not the poor.Let’s be careful what we support today. Cus when it happen to you.

Source: GhanaOwn.com

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