Okese 1 mocks Medikal for wearing a fake Rolex watch


It looks like the beef between Amg Medikal and his former friend Okese 1 isn’t ending anytime soon as they keep tearing each other into pieces with the least opportunity they get.

Okese 1has taken to the microblogging platform to make a mockery of him after news broke out today that a Rolex watch he recently showed off on social media was a fake one.


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Medikal in trouble for wearing a fake Rolex watch

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AMG Medikal was exposed by the top German watch blog, Munich Wrist Busters.

The wristwatch busters took to their official Instagram page and shared a picture of Medikal with the caption;


@amgmedikal With a fake Rolex Datejust. His watch is far too high for an original Datejust. In addition, the bezel is clearly too wide and the notches are far too pronounced. The crown of the watch is not in no way similar to that of an original one.”

Checkout their post below;

Okese 1 asked his friend if he will go ahead and confess or he will still try and defend his claims of buying an original watch.

He tweeted saying;

”La confess or La defend still why u be Puyol?????”

Checkout his tweet below;





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