#OccupyJulorbiHouse protest: When an NCA official is your sugar daddy, you can’t tweet – Bridget Otoo ‘shades’ former friend

Bridget Otoo quietly chastised an important former friend who was rumored to have reprimanded tweeps for her failure to join the demonstration as tempers erupted on social media and assaults were made against celebrities who chose not to take part in the #OccupyJulorbiHouse movement.

In what has been characterized as a sarcastic and revealing post, the well-known broadcaster who has a long-running feud with the aforementioned former friend suggested that the former friend’s being a secret lover of one of the National Communications Authority officials had kept his hands tied and lips sealed.

“Is it true that when one of the NCA officials is your Sugar Daddy, you can’t tweet? #OccupyJorbiHouse,” Bridget’s statement on Twitter read.

Bridget Otoo threatened to out an unnamed woman in a following post. Bridget Otoo promised to make amends for previously embarrassing her. She cited a video from her wedding that she said was leaked by the aforementioned woman and showed her husband ducking a kiss, which led to jeers.

“That idiot will regret the day she leaked the video. I haven’t even started. I am giving her five years to rest. When I start, nobody should call and tell me to cool off. When the wedding videos came out, you all laughed at me. So however, I chose to deal with this idiot is my problem. She will deactivate when I start. I am giving her five years to chill,” Bridget Otoo added.

Since then, her comments have caused uncertainty as netizens try to figure out to whom she is addressing.

video of Bridget Otoo’s wedding kerfuffle

Bridget Otoo ‘shades’ former friend

In a private ceremony held in Sekondi on Saturday, August 13, 2022, Bridget wed her sweetheart, Dr. Evans Ago Tetteh.

Some close friends who shared internet recordings attended the occasion. In one of the films, Dr. Tetteh can be seen hesitating to kiss Bridget Otoo.

A few days after the wedding, Bridget Otoo made several social media postings that sparked discussion.

“Would you consider someone a friend if they deliberately posted a horrible video of you for people to insult, attack, and ruin your day? Not one but multiple videos?” her tweet read.

While it was unclear whether or not her post was linked to her wedding, observers asserted that some friends had stepped on the toes of the broadcaster as they concluded that she was unhappy about the decision by “a friend” to circulate the video.

In a separate tweet sighted by GhanaWeb, she wrote: “Sometimes you know someone is a bad person but you still make excuses for them until they hurt you real bad, then you stop making excuses and face the ugly truth!”

The #OccupyJulorbiHouse protest

The #OccupyJulorbiHouse demonstrations, which were organized by Democracy Hub, were a protest against corruption and mismanagement of the economy. It was held between September 21 and 23 and garnered thousands of Ghanaians, including celebrities.

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