#OccupyBoG: You can run but cannot hide – Sammy Gyamfi tells Addison

The Governor of the Bank of Ghana, Dr. Ernest Addison, has been urged by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to emerge from his hiding place and confront them.

Sammy Gyamfi stated on Joy FM’s Top Story on October 3 that the governor of the central bank cannot avoid responsibility.

He issued a warning that a far larger gathering of #OccupyBoG demonstrators will descend upon the central bank’s grounds to demand his resignation.

According to him, they would occupy the premises “until he [Governor] gives the good people of this country the respect we deserve. Muster the courage and decency to at least face the people, receive our petition, listen to the issues we are raising and heed our demand. Until he does that, there is no escaping for Governor Addison. He can run but he cannot hide from accountability,” he stressed.

#OccupyBoG: You can run but cannot hide – Sammy Gyamfi tells Addison

He claims that the #OccupyBoG demonstration on Tuesday was the first in a series of demonstrations to be organized in coordination with political parties, civil society organizations, and other groups to demand responsibility from duty-bearers.

The NDC held a protest on Tuesday in Accra to call for the dismissal of the governor of the central bank and his appointees for mismanaging the institution.

The leadership of the party, including the MPs, were permitted entrance to the central bank to deliver their petition to the governor notwithstanding the demonstrators’ exclusion due to the security zone designation.

However, a guy who claimed to be the bank’s head of security seemed to accept the petition and provide the justification that the BoG Governor was attending a meeting with IMF representatives.

But Mr Gyamfi noted that the excuse given to the group is “an insult to the sensibilities of the good people of this country who have been plunged into untold hardships by the actions of the Governor.”

According to him, the NDC has run a check on the excuse given by the representative, and it turns out that there was no meeting scheduled on the day.

“We were within the premises of the Bank of Ghana for hours so are they saying that the meeting they were engaged in never came to an end?” he asked.

He added “At some point, we were told that the Governor had travelled, then we were told again that he was not well and at the hospital. Only for us to be told by the Head of Security of the central bank that the governor is in a meeting with the IMF. That is an insult in the highest order.”

Mr Gyamfi added that the group felt disrespected hence the decision not to present the petition to the central bank’s head of security.

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