Obrafour is a lazy rapper – Tic Tac

Obrafour is a lazy rapper – Tic Tac

Veteran musician Tic Tac now Tic has thrown shots at the rap sofo in the music industry Obrafour describing him as a lazy rapper.

According to Tic speaking in an interview with Mona Gucci on Kantanka TV, stated that though he loves Obrafour songs because he makes a lot of sense, he has his own problem with him.

He disclosed that the only problem he has with Obrafour is the fact that he is a lazy rapper.

Tic in explaining his point revealed that he even told his boss about Obrafour’s style of rap where he fuse in the styles of Okomfour Kwadee and Tinny.

“Tinny and Okomfour Kwadae were the guys who were telling stories in their music. But Obrafour was like doing all of that and taking his time and making some sense. That was amazing”

TiC continued: “At some point, I will listen to Obrafour and I tell my boss you know what, this guy he will rap timidly and you will still enjoy it. It’s like he is lazy but you will still enjoy it.”

Tic first began performing in 1997 with a group called ‘Natty Strangers’ along with his best friend Bessem Bikhazi (famously known as Cold Sweat).

After becoming the most eagerly awaited group in Ghana, winning awards at events such as Kidafest, Fun World, Source etc.,
TiC later went on to release a self-produced album after Bessem migrated to the UK to train as a Commercial Pilot. During his early career, TiC modeled his style after his idol Busta Rhymes.


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