NPP Would Be Cursed To Betray John Boadu – Minister

The hard-working and result-producing General Secretary of the NPP would betray the party at this pivotal time in the political landscape, according to the Minister for the Oti Region, Hon. Joshua Gmayenaam Makubu.

The Minister said, having worked with Mr. John Boadu before his ministerial position, that Mr. John Boadu has demonstrated quality leadership skills and demonstrated rich experience as far as his work is concerned. He made this statement while speaking at Dambai, Nkwanta, and Jasikan of the Oti Region.

Therefore, it would be appropriate to renew Mr. John Boadu’s mandate to continue as the party seeks to end the eight-year election cycle, given that he also helped the party win twice. He characterizes Mr. John Boadu as a true leader who is capable, laid-back, and wise.

NPP Would Be Cursed To Betray John Boadu – Minister

The regional minister continued, “Mr. John Boadu is innocent of all charges brought against him by some candidates for the position.”

Additionally, he urged delegates to deny assertions that Mr. John Boadu will lose support from party members after the 2020 elections as a result of the NPP’s performance.

Mr. John Boadu is now a pillar of the NPP, according to the minister, whose experience and work cannot be understated.

The NPP Chief Scribe, Mr. John Boadu, who is running for re-election, claimed that the party is prepared to wrest more seats from the NDC in the upcoming 2024 elections as they are developing strategies with a lot of effort and dedication.

A few of the attendees to the meeting also expressed their opinions and hopes regarding the General Secretary’s visit.

As they get ready for the national delegates conference, Mr. Evans Dapaah, the NPP’s Oti Regional Chairman, also made a call for peace and unity.

If the party is divided or apathetic after the delegate conference, he claimed, victory in 2024 cannot be possible.

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