NPP Presidential Contest: I Am Winning On Saturday – Dr. Akoto

Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, a flagbearer candidate for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), stated that he is confident he would win the next NPP presidential elections due to the increasing amount of support his campaign message is bringing in from NPP delegates in the closing days.

The worst case scenario for the enormous wave is to force the entire race into a rematch.

He claims that the fresh wave of support sweeping the UP fraternity indicates that the Party’s message is now being spread more quickly and that most delegates now believe he has the recipe to inspire grassroots supporters to fight for victory in December 2024.

Speaking to a diverse group of journalists at his Ridge campaign headquarters in Accra to conclude his campaign, Dr. Akoto, a former Minister of Food and Agriculture, stated that both his staff and outside observers have seen the sudden shift in delegates’ sentiment toward him.

I Am Winning On Saturday – Dr. Akoto

“In the past few weeks, my field visits have clearly shown a ‘wave’ sweeping through the support that I enjoy among delegates across the country. This is confirmed both by our monitoring teams and independent research. These fast-emerging trends in the mood of the electorates encourage me to make a passionate appeal to the undecided voters to make up their minds firmly to vote for Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto on Saturday”, he noted.

Regarding the Party, Dr. Akoto draws inspiration from the liberal doctrine of the UP tradition’s founding fathers, Baffour Osei Akoto’s father being one of its founders.

Establishing Party-owned companies that would provide jobs for Party supporters and provide money to support the Party is a key component of his vision for the Party. He informed the media that the foundation of these Party-owned companies is the African National Congress (ANC) model in South Africa.

“My vision for the nation is by now well-known to all Ghanaians. It is to give priority to agriculture in the allocation of public resources to support both small and large-scale farmers to generate the needed resources to fund our economic development”, he emphasized.

In light of this, he has pleaded with the delegates to consider the Party’s future for the benefit of their offspring, grandkids, and great-grandchildren rather than giving in to any alluring financial lure.

“Delegates, stand with me on the side of the great UP tradition of our forefathers”, he underscored.

“My appeal at this late stage is that your delegates should not be tempted by offers which may provide a one-day relief and leave our Party in the sand. Think of our history, our traditions and past victories and the great sacrifices of our forefathers and vote Akoto”, he noted.

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