NPP is very weak – NPP’s Musah Superior

Musah Superior, an aspiring General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has stated that the ruling party is currently weak.

This, he believes, is attributable to the party’s current leadership’s incompetence.

When asked how the NPP is doing right now on TV3’s New Day broadcast with Johnnie Hughes on Thursday, June 16, the Deputy CEO of the Forestry Commission responded, “very weak.”

NPP is very weak – NPP’s Musah Superior

“It’s weak,” he continued, “because our people are very furious, especially our party members and officers around the country.”

“In 2016, we delivered the government and won the sweetest and most spectacular elections this country has ever seen.” It was fantastic because we were able to galvanize the Ghanaian people, speak out against the Mahama administration’s incompetence, and get our people involved, with polling executives, electoral area coordinators, senior members, and our financiers all getting involved….

“Then, in 2020, we had such an atrocious result, such a worrying win, and that is why we have exhibited a weakness in Parliament in the previous few months.” Take the e-levy, for example… you saw what happened in Parliament, and it was a disgrace.

“We saw this in Parliament because we were at par, from 169 to 137 seats, and over 30 Members of Parliament were sacked due to the incompetence of our party’s leadership.”

When the NPP’s internal elections take place in July, Mr Musah Superior hopes to unseat incumbent General Secretary John Boadu.

He believes he has what it takes to lead the party to success in general elections in the future.

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