No one can pressure me; I’ve won 45 awards in my career – Efya

Renowned Ghanaian singer Efya Nokturnal has stated that she does not have the same pressure as other musicians to achieve worldwide recognition.

Efya said that she is not in a rush to release any projects in order to establish a global name in an interview with Berla Mundi on New Day on TV3.

“For me, it’s simply a process, so there’s no urgency. It’s simply a matter of time, I think; I know I’ll get there. Since everyone’s schedule is different, I don’t have to stress out about being late. Nothing gets done quickly around here; I give careful consideration to every move I make. She said, “I am not in a hurry to do things.”

No one can pressure me; I’ve won 45 awards in my career – Efya

Efya was questioned about how she would respond to people who doubted her extensive experience in the music industry and questioned why she hadn’t received any significant worldwide recognition.

She said, “I am not concerned with what they are thinking, I have won about 45 awards in my career.” It’s selfish on my part.

She also urged a stop to “unnecessary comparisons” between artists, saying that musicians in Ghana lack the resources available to their counterparts in countries like Nigeria.

“Where we’re from, the business sector isn’t as developed as in other locations. Therefore, refrain from comparing. “We don’t have the financial assistance as most of these artistes do to be signed to international labels to be able to get access to some of the things that these people are getting access to,” she added.

The present debate over the state of Ghana’s music industry and the prosperity of its musicians is fueled by Efya’s comments.

The fact that no Ghanaian musicians received Grammy nominations in 2024 has brought the problem back to light.

Several interested parties have expressed doubts about the expectations placed on artists from Ghana. However, some fans on social media have said that their favorite musicians aren’t producing their best work.

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