No One Can Bring McBrown Down!! – PA angrily tell critics

A young woman who resembles well-known actress Nana Ama McBrown gained notoriety online over a week ago after giving an interview and afterward attacking McBrown.
The drama began as she displayed her abilities and impersonated Empress McBrown in various ways, including donning her well-known “government uniform,” also known as the “Aban Jersey,” locally.

While King Promise’s gift of a Hisense phone to his imposter attracted a lot of attention, Nana Ama McBrown didn’t appear to be interested in knowing who created her doppelgänger.

During one of the episodes of her program, Onua Showtime, Nana Ama McBrown discussed the doppelganger fad and shared her thoughts on it.

Although her “lookalike” was not specifically stated, she made comments that appeared to be directed at others who made an effort to resemble her.

No One Can Bring McBrown Down!! – PA angrily goes hard on critics

Nana Ama McBrown chuckled cynically when she was told that the lady who was posing as her doppelganger on social media should formally request permission before being acknowledged as an authorized and certified lookalike. She said, laughing, that unless she chooses you, you can’t really be like her.

The iconic Nana Ama Akyaa, Nana Ama McBrown’s lookalike, offered a media interview to condemn Nana Ama McBrown for understandable reasons after hearing this statement from Nana Ama McBrown.

After some time has passed, Ruthy Mummie De-nelson, the Empress Nana Ama McBrown’s personal aide, has defended the television goddess.

Ruthy asserts that no male born of a woman can bring Nana Ama McBrown to justice, hence anybody circulating untrue rumors about her (McBrown), particularly the alleged lookalike, would perish in disgrace since Nana Ama McBrown has been blessed by God in ways that defy human comprehension.




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