Nigel Gaisie sends heartbreaking message for Sam George in 2024


Ghanaians are currently debating a bill before Parliament that seeks to make LGBT rights illegal. In as much as many Ghanaians are against the LGBT activities in the country and seek the passage of the bill, a section faction has also risen and calling for the dropping of the bill.

According to the professionals, they feel the bill will infringe on the rights of Ghanaians. Led by lawyer Akoto Ampaw, the group insist that Parliament has more pressing issues that discussing other people’s private affairs.


Today, Monday, October 18, 2021, Nigel Gaisie joined Kofi Adomah on the Anopa Bofoo show. He shared his thoughts on a number of issues. According to him one sad thing he has seen three times is Sam George losing his seat at the primaries.

According to Nigel Gaisie If Sam George doesn’t take care he will lose his seat. He explained that there are so many big people fighting against him because of the bill he has brought before Parliament. He noted that the NDC should allow Sam George to go unopposed to send a signal to the world that the NDC are against LGBT.


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He called for prayers for the Ningo Prampram MP because things are not well. he added that in visions he has seen Sam George sad with his hands on the head and this signifies a huge loss for him. he added that he might lose the primaries and not contest in 2024.

Nigel Gaisie also called on Ghanaians to stop the debate about LGBT because the group is rather getting more popular. He noted that Parliament have better things to do. He called on President Akufo-Addo to be firm and make a final stand. According to Nigel, had the Speaker of Parliament not been firm and an equal Parliament in session the bill would have been passed.



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