Never will you marry anyone with this behavior . Do not rush into marriage go avoid rushing out

Never you marry anyone with this behavior. Do not rush into marriage to avoid rushing out.

Everything in life must not boil down to marriage do not say “HA Pascal is getting married so I have to marry or Precious is getting married so for that reason I have to marry, yes I know they will be family pressure but take your time so that you won’t make the wrong choice, never you manage to marry anyone because it won’t end up well.

Marriage is a sacred relationship and also a lifetime commitment, I advice you to take your time when choosing your life partner and know even though you don’t marry when your mate are getting married that doesn’t make you less a human, remember every human on earth has a specific time design for each and everyone of us so never you compare yourself with anyone. Look out for these signs to avoid making a lifetime mistake.

Never you marry someone you can’t crack joke with.

Never you marry someone who can’t own up to their mistakes.


Never you marry someone who can’t apologize when they make mistakes.


Never you marry someone who doesn’t contribute to your life either financially, morally, spiritually or otherwise.


Never you marry someone who is full of his or herself.

Never you manage to marry.

Never you marry someone who doesn’t value you.

Girls never you marry a man who beat you up, that kind of person can never stop beating you.

Boys never you marry a girl who doesn’t respect you or your family member.

Never you marry a sex addict if you know you can’t keep up with it.

Never you rush into marriage so that you won’t rush out of it.

Never marry a man or a woman who doesn’t create time for you.

Never you marry a man whose mentality about women are poor to avoid you complaining.

Never you marry anyone who doesn’t value your opinion, culture.

Never you marry anyone because of the benefit you stand to get.

Never you marry anyone who has a reason to love you, marriage or to love someone has no reason.

Never marry anyone because someone told you to do so, you will surely regret it.

Marry someone who is proud of you anywhere, anytime.

True love will always come to you, that special someone will always come just be patient to avoid heartbreak or seeing a lawyer for a divorce.

Remember marriage is a sacred bond and divorce is never an option, never you forget to include God in your decision making.


Akosua Boatemaa

Founder/ Journalist blogger, Psychologist, Media Marketer/ Real Female Promoter, Entertainment Critic & Editor for Email: [email protected]

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