NDC’s Free Apprenticeship Program Will Tackle Joblessness Among School Dropouts – Mahama Tell Ghanaians

Former President and flag bearer of the main opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC), John Dramani Mahama has reiterated his commitment to creating more jobs in the informal sector through a state-sponsored apprenticeship program when voted to power.

The former President bemoaned the heightening unemployment rate among school dropouts across the country and pledged to tackle it in the next National Democratic Congress (NDC) government through the numerous job policies in their 2020 manifesto.

Addressing a durbar of chiefs at Kwasarekrom in the Bia East Constituency of the Western North Region, Mr. Mahama stated that his government will expand the Free SHS program to cover private senior high schools and ensure that Ghanaians who did not have access to basic education become skillful through various training programmes.

“Nana we [NDC] will sponsor our youth to learn skills under our Free Apprenticeship Programme. After a successful completion, we will support them with funds to establish their own business. For instance if one was trained to be a seamstress, my government will get them a sewing machine to start their own business,” Mr Mahama said in Akan.

He also spoke about the NDC’s free primary health policy that will help improve ife expectancy in the country, adding that the National Health Insurance Scheme covers about 40% of Ghanaians and thereby cuttimg a lot of the citizens from accessing quality healthcare.

Mr Mahama also pledged to continue and complete all the abandoned cocoa road projects in the area as well as other projects that have stalled under the NPP government.

To the farmers, the NDC leader touted his achievements under the free fertilizer for farmers programme and pledged to reinstitute it when voted into power.

“The NDC has always rolled out better policies for cocoa farmers…Under my tenure as president, we didn’t wait till election time before increasing cocoa prices. There is no government that increased cocoa prices to help farmers than the NDC did, so when we return to power, we will continue with our policies to improve yield and improve the lives of cocoa farmers.

In his speech, the Chief of Kwasarekrom, Nana yaw Krah III, commended Mr Mahama for visiting him in his village and endorsed his candidature for the presidency.

Nana outlined some of the projects of the erstwhile Mahama administration in his area and asked that the stalled ones, especially the road projects be completed when he assumes power in 2021.
He also apealed for a police station and a telecommunication network in his area, which Mr Mahama pledged to deliver when elected to power.

Source: Ghanaown.com| Michael K. Ahiaku



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