NDC cannot manage even a district economy – Stephen Amoah

Stephen Amoah, the Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, has questioned the National Democratic Congress’s (NDC) ability to manage the nation’s economy.

He claims that the largest opposition party is merely making empty promises and has run out of ideas for managing the Ghanaian economy.

He says that this is because they don’t have any new policies to improve the state of the Ghanaian economy.

NDC cannot manage even a district economy – Stephen Amoah

Speaking on Tuesday, November 21, on the floor of parliament, he continued, saying that the NDC government has nothing better to offer Ghanaians but to lie to them.

“Surprisingly, they said they are social democrats. Not one single pro-poor policy of national tenacity and character that they’ve been able to implement. Proper policy; the most essential economic service in any country education and health. They are the people who love the poor, but they took away the allowances that the poor child could benefit from. NDC cannot manage even a district economy but for propaganda.

“They come. They don’t have what to say. What is their policy direction? Only to lie to Ghanaians,” he added.

He further referenced the inconsistencies in figures in budget statements presented to the nation between, 2012, 14, and 15 during the NDC administration as to why they can’t be trusted.

“Mr. Speaker, this is what I have. Do you know why they can’t be trusted? NDC’ own budget statement 2014, 15, 26, Mr. Speaker, 2012 their own budget, GDP growth 9.3. The same 2020, the same budget, in fact, 2015 budget and the NDC GDP growth was 8.8. The same 2012, if you come to 2015 budget, GDP growth was 9.3, 2013 GDP growth was 7.6, 2015 budget the same year, it was 7.3. Can you trust the same people whose budgets, two different years, gave different figures?” he quizzed.


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