Nana B explains why the NPP running mate will come from the Ashanti Region

The running mate for the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) will come from the Ashanti Region, according to Henry Nana Boakye, also known as Nana B, the party’s national organizer.

In addition to the candidate’s origins in the Ashanti Region, he says, the candidate’s skills would be taken into account.

In addition to these two factors, the party will also take the individual’s popularity and charisma throughout the nation into account.

Nana B explains why the NPP running mate will come from the Ashanti Region

“Kwame, the running mate for the NPP in 2024, will come from the Ashanti Region. This is because the Ashanti Region has, over the years, been the stronghold of the NPP. However, that will not be the only consideration.

“We will also look at the competence of the individual who will be selected. We will look at his or her track record over the years and how knowledgeable the person is. Did the person perform well when he/she was given an appointment or not?

The running mate we will select will also be someone who is popular and loved by the grassroots. We will not go in for someone no one knows of. We will go in for someone who has the personality to be able to move the crowd because we want someone to shore up our numbers in the impending elections,” he said.

On November 4, 2024, a Saturday, the NPP chose Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to be the party’s leader in the 2024 election.

With a victory in 2024, the ruling political party hopes to create history by being the first to halt Ghana’s eight-year political cycle.

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