NAM 1 must be arrested, he’s a criminal – A Plus

Former Menzgold CEO Nana Appiah Mensah, also known as Nam1, has been urged for arrest by Ghanaian political and entertainment commentator Kwame A Plus.

When consumers who had money locked up in the now-defunct gold investment scheme were told they had to pay GH650 for verification or risk losing their money, NAM1 received criticism from the general public.

Later, the order was withdrawn, and a refund was promised to everyone who had paid.

On Saturday, August 26, Kwame A Plus asked NAM1 on the United Showbiz Show why he was still at large while fraud suspects in wealthy nations would have been detained.

“These things don’t happen only in Ghana, they occur in America on Wall Street, and they arrest the people. Why is it that someone who stole plantains or yams because he was hungry gets between 5 and 10 years in prison, but NAM1, who has stolen money from many people, is still free?

He felt sorry for the people who put their hard-earned money into Menzgold and saw it as stupidity and desperation on their behalf. However, he demanded that Nam1 be taken into custody rather than merely issuing words of caution.

NAM 1 must be arrested, he’s a criminal – A Plus

“Bank of Ghana issued a statement that anyone who does business with Nam1 does so at their own risk, it is like the Ghana Police issuing a statement that this particular area is dangerous, pass there at your own risk.

“They can’t just issue that, they would have to go there and arrest the criminals. It is the duty of the authorities to protect the people from individuals like him.”

Citing the case of traffic systems in developed countries, Kwame A-Plus called for systems to be put in place to ensure that citizens stay safe from financial-related crimes instead of being left to figure things out on their own.

He, however, stated that those who were supposed to deal with Nam1 couldn’t do so because they were also involved in fraudulent activities.

“NAM1 shouldn’t be allowed to b

e walking around and misbehaving, but those supposed to catch him can’t do that because they are also corrupt. They can’t stop this guy, and that is how another Ponzi scheme will come and dupe people of their hard-earned monies, and still nothing will be done,” A-Plus lamented.

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