MzVee shares her mental struggles in her early years as a musician

Popular Ghanaian singer-songwriter has talked openly about her battles with mental illness throughout her career.

MzVee said she was in command of her life and her affairs in an interview with Naa Ashokor on TV3. That is why she was inspired to write the song “Destiny”.

“The song Destiny, basically, I’m taking control of my life, and I am the one in charge of it. Nobody else can move my life in any other way. Just me. It’s inspired by everything my life is saying today. Like, I have just been moving like this at my own pace, in my own time,” she disclosed.

MzVee shares her mental struggles in her early years as a musician

She explained that the song was about her life and her growth in the industry. From her growth as a shy artiste to her struggles with mental health.

“Destiny just has to do with me as a person and my journey so far. I started from, like, a very low point in my life. Very timid, very shy, not confident at all. I had so many… If I say mental, people will take it out of context, but I was not very okay here (head) and here (heart)” she added.

MzVee, however, added that her growth in the industry has led her to a point of self-discovery and empowerment.

“But just going through life, going through music, people I’ve met on the way, it just brought me to a very beautiful point,” she said.

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