Mzbel goes hard on critics after shared her baby’s bathing video on social media

Mzbel, a Ghanaian musician, has defended herself against accusations that she broke any rules by posting the video of her infant bathing on social media in response to her critics.

She claims that the video she posted on Instagram of her attempting to bathe her kid did not expose any of the child’s sensitive areas since she had put safeguards in place to avoid such an occurrence.

The Ghanaian artist stated that the video does not break any laws, despite what some people have said while criticizing her online for sharing such a private footage of her infant.

She said that since parents often post videos of their children getting baths on social media, doing so is nothing new, and she saw nothing wrong with her behavior.

Mzbel goes hard on critics after shared her baby’s bathing video on social media

“So I found out that some of you are worried and upset with the post I made yesterday about struggling to bathe my baby… I appreciate your concern, but be rest assured, her private part didn’t show, and I did not break any law.

“What you saw is her folded thigh. As you can see mothers bathing babies and sharing on social media is nothing new,” Mzbel wrote on her social media page in response to criticisms.

Mzbel responded after receiving harsh criticism from certain members of the public for putting her infant in danger by posting a swimming video on social media.

Due to celebrities’ love of posting pictures of their growing baby bumps in stylish ensembles on social media, it has emerged as a new fashion trend in the modern world.

Others have criticized the behavior, pointing out that it is unnecessary, yet it is still popular on social media.

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