My worst moment as a radio presenter – Andy Dosty opens up

Andy Dosty, a renowned disc jockey and radio host, described an interaction with a radio station owner and said it was his worst professional experience.

The veteran, who began his career with Radio Mercury in Kumasi, claimed that in addition to never receiving compensation, the business’s principal owner also treated him with disrespect.

“My first radio job was with Mercury but the man never paid me. He was a chief. I think of all the workers, I was the one he never appreciated,” Andy said on The Delay Show as he recalled how the owner once dictated to him.

“My worst experience was when I was on radio playing songs. He approached me and asked: ‘What kind of stupid songs are you playing?’. I said it was a brand-new song from Tupac. He asked me to stop, handed over Kakaku’s cassette and asked me to play that instead.”

My worst moment as a radio presenter – Andy Dosty opens up

Explaining why the owner instructed him to play the Highlife song, Andy said: “His reason was he had some visitors at his office and they wanted to listen to Kakaku’s song.”

“When the song was about to end, I went to his office to inform him and to seek permission to continue with my playlist. He looked at me and said I should play the song on the other side of the cassette.”

Andy Dosty arrived to Otec FM after working for Radio Mercury, where he remained from 1998 until 2004. After working with Peace FM, Despite Media’s sister station, he then joined Hello FM.

According to him, the founders of Despite Media made him start working at Peace FM before it switched to Hello FM so that he could become familiar with their organizational structure.

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