My Vag!na is Rotting Please Help Me; Lady Cries Out

For a while there it was gifts and romance, money and fancy places, but that’s all just a bad memory now.

The slay queen regrets ever being with a blesser because her life is hell after they had a disagreement.

I enjoyed receiving an R15 000 monthly allowance and we visited the most beautiful places,”

The 28-year-old slay queen from Orange Farm, south of Joburg, said they broke up and her life changed for the worst.

I wanted a blesser and didn’t care how old he was,” . I had a friend who had a blesser and became ill.

“Before my friend died she told the blesser about me and I met him, After a week we started poking. And he’d send me money.” she said.

She wasn’t allowed to call him or take any pictures, and she had to be available at all times. But last year she met the jobless love of her life. She decided not to tell him about the blesser.

“We talked about future plans, but my boyfriend found out about the blesser,” she said.

“I always had money. I told him I’d inherited it. He said I should start a business or do something useful with the money. I kept spending and he became suspicious.” she added.

He apparently went through her phone and saw that she was s3xting her blesser. The boyfriend wanted to break up with her, but she begged him to stay.

Then she told the blesser she wanted out. “The blesser became furious. I didn’t think he’d be that mad because he has a wife and can easily get another young woman.”

He told her no man would ever poke her again! A week later her [email protected] started itching, developed growths, and became smelly.

She went to different gynaecologists and none of them have been able to help her. The blesser is in Malawi and wants nothing to do with her.

Gobela Zwelihle Hlophe said blessers use muthi to gain wealth and some even use snakes.“Whatever he was using, a snake or muthi, it needs something to feed on and the girl was that person.

“I’m not sure if she’ll find help. It’s hard to remove. The blesser can possibly help, but it’s unlikely.”

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