My girlfriend cheated on me with Mr Drew – Lord Paper cries

Famous singer Lord Paper has spoken about how his lover’s affair with fellow artist Mr. Drew broke his heart during that time.

Speaking about the situation, Lord Paper said he was extremely saddened by the betrayal, particularly because he had imagined a future with his girlfriend, whom he called Jane.

He confessed that he was going to marry her and that he loved her very much.

But he claimed that after noticing change in her demeanor and hearing gossip from others, he started to grow concerned.

My girlfriend cheated on me with Mr Drew – Lord Paper cries

Lord Paper claimed that after confronting Mr. Drew, the latter admitted their relationship but provided an excuse, saying he was unaware of it.

Even though he felt duped, Lord Paper acknowledged Mr. Drew’s remorse and valued his candor. Given the circumstances, Lord Paper made the decision to break up with Jane, admitting that he could not forgive her deception.

Although Lord Paper has extended forgiveness to both Jane and Mr. Drew, he made it clear that he has no plans to resume his relationship with Jane.

The composer of What Do Girls Really Want revealed that the experience has inspired him to put in more effort and concentrate on his career.

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