My Friends Who Fvck Salma Mumin Say Her Pu$$y Stinks – Ibrah One Claims

One of Ghana’s youngest millionaires, Ibrah One has said that actress  Salma Mumini has a smelling pu$$y.

According to Ibrah One his friends who have been sleeping with her revealed that to him.

Ibrah One has claimed that his friends who have been sleeping around with Salma Mumin have lamented about her pu$$y.

Ibrah One noted that his friends said that her pu$$y stinks a lot.

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He also added that Hajia4Real is pretty on the outside but stinks in the inside.

Ibrah One took to his Instagram page (Instagram stories)to make this announcement.

Ibrah One is one of Ghana’s richest young men .He is well known for his lavish and extravagant lifestyle and he is always well dressed in expensive designer clothes and shoes.

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