My daughter returned from Kuami Eugene’s house with strange sickness – Househelp’s mother

Mary’s mother entered the controversy shortly after Kuami Eugene’s former family made certain accusations about the artist public.

Remember when Mary said she had been famished and had even passed out several times while working for Kuami Eugene in an interview that she gave to GhPage TV? She also claimed that his girlfriend had told her to avoid him.

Mary’s mother, whose identity was withheld, has added her voice to the accusations, stating that her daughter returned from the artiste’s home after being fired with an undisclosed illness that temporarily rendered her unconscious.

My daughter returned from Kuami Eugene’s house with strange sickness – Househelp’s mother

She said that the family was forced to rush Mary to a clinic but had to be referred to another hospital for further treatment.

“When my daughter left my place, she was totally healthy, but when she came back from his house, she had a serious sickness that no one knew about. She even fell into a coma. We had to take her to a clinic but the doctors there couldn’t do anything about it. So we had to refer her to Tetteh Kwashie,” she said.

The mother further alleged that a man who claimed to be the school father of Kuami Eugene had called Mary and warned her to stop granting interviews to the media about her ordeals.

“Even when a man claiming to be Kuami Eugene’s school father called, he never bothered to ask about her health or how she was doing. He warned her to stop granting interviews, or else she would regret it,” she said.

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