My common sense is bigger than English – LilWin on parliamentary ambition

LilWin, a renowned stage name for Ghanaian actor Kwadwo Nkansah, has reiterated his intention to run as an independent for the Afigya Kwabre South parliamentary seat.

Despite his admitted lack of fluency in the English language, he feels that common sense and the capacity to connect with constituents are more important than linguistic proficiency.

In an interview with social media blogger Nkonkonsa, he stated that he was willing to speak to his supporters in his native Twi and to have it translated when required.

He underlined that any possible linguistic hurdles are outweighed by the significance of his thoughts and contributions to the community.

My common sense is bigger than English – LilWin on parliamentary ambition

“I am ever ready to assist the youth of my constituency with job creation…nobody is lazy, but because there are no jobs, that is why the youth have become lazy,” said LilWin.

“Very soon, Afigya Kwabre independent MPs, rich people, and business people have come forward to support my bid. We are ready, and my campaign manager is Kwame Nkrumah Tikesee of Okay FM, so if there is anything you can contact him,” he added.

When questioned about his confidence in securing the parliamentary seat, Lilwin remained steadfast in his optimism. He responded positively, saying, “Yes, I will succeed. Where there is no hope, that is where we get help from.”

Addressing concerns about his English proficiency, he drew a parallel with the Chinese president, highlighting that effective communication transcends language barriers.

“Excuse me to say, common sense is bigger than English. We use common sense to speak English, so if I don’t understand English, I will speak Twi for it to be translated, like what the Chinese do, especially their president.”

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