My biggest failure in life – NSMQ mistress reveals

In a candid interview, Prof. Elsie Effah Kaufmann, host of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), discussed one of the biggest obstacles she has ever encountered and how it has affected her life.

She claims that considering the assumption that marriage is a lifetime commitment, her broken marriage is a serious failure.

“When you get married, you are expected to stay for life, so I consider the breakup of my marriage as one of my biggest failures because I went in for life, but life happened,” she said.

Prof. Kaufmann said that although she went through a challenging time following her divorce, she has now moved on and come out stronger.

My biggest failure in life – NSMQ mistress reveals

If nothing else, she has been fortunate enough to have three children—two female and one male—from her marriage to her Caucasian spouse.

The NSMQ mistress shared insightful counsel with young men and women based on her own experience, advising them to make informed decisions and fully comprehend the obligations they are making before marriage.

She pointed out that as individuals develop and evolve with time, it’s important to select a partner who will also grow with you.

“Know that humans are not static so if you get married based on what you see at that time, mind you, people change, they grow, so get someone who will grow at the same pace as you” she said.

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