Mr. Drew reacts to Kuami Eugene’s song writing claim

The continuous difficulties surrounding Mr. Drew’s new song, “Case,” have prompted a response.

Kwami Eugene asserted a few days ago that despite penning around 80% of Mr. Drew’s most recent hit song, he hasn’t received credit for his work.

Eugene expressed his annoyance in an interview with Ghanaian blogger Naana Donkor, who is located in the US.

“I wrote the entire hook and some part of the second verse. I wrote like 80 percent of that song. In fact, before he came to record the song, that hook and everything were already done, he listened to it and sang it.
“All I heard from him was like bro, the song, make we drop and that was when I was in America.

“That was when he texted to ask if we should drop the song but because of the time difference, I was asleep and when I woke up, he didn’t inform my manager or anything, and the second person who was around when we recorded the song texted me later to inform me he (Drew) had dropped the song. I texted him (Drew) to ask and he left me on read,” he recounted.

Mr. Drew reacts to Kuami Eugene’s song writing claim

However, Mr. Drew, while interacting with his fans on TikTok, was forced to share his thoughts on the issue.

He initially declined to speak, but later expressed that he would not give room for what he described as ‘drama’.

“Cleanse your mind. Focus on good things. All this drama that is being shared by blogs, I don’t follow them. So, my fans don’t follow them. Feed yourself with positivity. When it’s time for vawulence, we will give vawulence, but for now, let’s do the good stuff.

“I actually have nothing to say. All I can say is that go and stream the song that’s all. You badly want to know what’s going on. Use that same energy to stream the song. You all get too excited when stuff like this happens but it doesn’t help the work.”

Mr. Drew earlier acknowledged Kuami Eugene

Earlier, during a media tour after shortly releasing ‘Case’, Mr. Drew, during a discussion with TV3’s ‘Cookie Tee’ and Naa Ashorkor, admitted that Kuami Eugene wrote parts of the song.

“I wrote this song with Kuami Eugene. We both wrote it although he was not going to feature on it. At that time, the Rotimi thing was happening. Instead of releasing this song at that time, I released Later featuring Kelvynbwoy.

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