Most cheaters in marriages are indisciplined people – Counsellor Oduro

Mrs. Charllote Oduro, a controversial marriage counselor, believes that only those with discipline can stay away from adultery.

She thinks that although it can be difficult to resist emotions, married individuals or those in committed relationships can remain faithful to their spouses if they exercise the necessary self-control.

Most cheaters in marriages are indisciplined people – Counsellor Oduro

“Cheating is common to everybody. However, the people who do not cheat are people who have decided to be disciplined. You need to tell yourself that I can do it, but I won’t.

She continued, “Just walk out. There are situations where, if care is not taken, you’ll sleep with the person. It’s better if we avoid certain things. It is not easy, but discipline your thoughts and feelings, and you can do it”.

She mentioned that it’s preferable to let your husband know about it and make sure they’re present when the trainer arrives in order to be able to manage what happens, particularly with regard to ladies who sleep with their trainers.

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