Most celebs have sold their souls to the devil for fame – Efya Nokturnal reveals

The award-winning singer Jane Yahaya Awindo, better known by her stage name Efya, hails from Ghana. She recently revealed how several celebrities have traded their souls for fame with the devil.

The singer of “Jara Jara” claims that she has had “conversations” attempting to persuade her to try black magic in order to succeed, but she has refused to give in.

“I always put it (the suggestion) down and just let them know that I know where my source is and my source does not ask me to go and do those things,” she said.

On Wednesday, November 15, 2023, in an interview with Akua Sonto for Accra FM’s Ayekoo Ayekoo, the “Super Super” hitmaker stated; “Sometimes when you have to upgrade in life, you will meet [people] that will ask you to go do something, for instance, you may be asked to go take a ritual bath and other things when you go to the Mallam or maybe mess over a friend.”

“There are many enticingly beautiful things, but we do not have to do all of them,” she added.

Most celebs have sold their souls to the devil for fame – Efya Nokturnal reveals

Citing recent news about “some children, boys, killing their grandparent for ritual money”, the music sensation who doubles as a songwriter asserted that “it’s a story that’s basically saying that try and control yourself so that you don’t sell your soul to the devil, because in this world of ours, there are many enticingly beautiful options, but we do not have to do all of them”.

“It’s a warning I am sending out to everyone – don’t sell your soul to the devil,” Efya said. “There are many things that appear to be beautiful but you must not engage in them,” she stated.

Noting that “it is fashionable these days” to use unethical spiritual means to gain success, she stressed, “There are so many things you are at liberty to do but you do not actually have to”.

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