More Blood Will Flow in Ghana, The President Needs More Blood To Survive – Prophet Alph Lukau

The founder and the contoversial popular pastor of Alleluia Ministries International based in South Africa Pastor Alph Lukau at last night evening service in his church, admonished his congregants to pray for Ghana and the future ahead.

The man of God who recently resurrected a dead man in his coffin says, the president of Ghana had done so many spiritual activities to gain favor for the presidency during Ghana’s last election that took place in 2016. He said the president of Ghana is required to produce more blood in other for him to survive the years ahead. Pastor Alph Lukau said the demand of blood from the president of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo will be channelled through massive accidents, murder, Vigilantism, anger and criminal activities in the other hand.

He said 2020 elections, Ghana will have to pray effectively to avoid mass violence in the country.
According to the man of God prior to the 2016 election the current leaders of the government in Ghana “Nana Akuffo Addo”, consulted numerous deities across the length and breadth of the country and beyond to seek power and favor for the elections.
The man of God said, these deities are hunger for more Ghanaian blood from the president and this will spill blood in the country like never before.

“Ghana must pray earnestly, their blood is in higher demand”.

Akosua Boatemaa

Founder/ Journalist blogger, Psychologist, Media Marketer/ Real Female Promoter, Entertainment Critic & Editor for Email: [email protected]

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