Money wants to worship me – Cheddar

The New Force’s founder, Nana Kwame Bediako, better known by his stage name Cheddar, has openly expressed his healthy and productive relationship with riches.

For Cheddar, money is more than just an item; rather, he talks about it as though it were a romantic relationship. He claims that money finds him even when he is not actively looking for it, suggesting that either his financial success or his prospects are plentiful and easily accessible.

During an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV, he mentioned that money is currently his servant or his object of worship.

Money wants to worship me – Cheddar

“Money is like a woman; we came to meet it, and we will leave it. Money likes me. Even when I leave it, it finds a way to get to me. It follows me; when I speak, it is close by; and when I sit, it sits. For some people, when they get money, it quickly vanishes.

“I share for everyone to get a portion. I give to the visually impaired, the rich, mothers, paupers and I also know how to spend money very well.

“So money is my girlfriend. Cheddar means money, and now I don’t associate with it and I have moved to Freedom, but money still says it is me; it will serve,” he said.

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