Mercy Johnson ‘runs mad’, fights daughter’s teacher over constant bullying

Nigerian actress, Mercy Johnson, has called out her daughter’s teacher over constant bully at school for two whole weeks.

Speaking out of rage, she said she would endure any form of disrespect and hate speeches directed at her, but what she will not take is harsh behaviour towards any of her four children.

This is exactly what she said Purity, her eight-year-old daughter’s school teacher has been doing to her, just by virtue of the fact that ‘her mother is Mercy Johnson’.

She said the teacher has not hesitated in making the entire school know her hatred for her [Mercy Johnson], despite not having a one-on-one encounter, and she is directing her bitterness to Purity.

For weeks, she said the teacher has either insulted Purity in the presence of her classmate or used biros to flick her hair.

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The situation has caused Purity, a then school lover, to be in tears everyday she is dropped off at the premises.

“A teacher at my child’s school has been bullying my daughter constantly for two weeks. She is not her class teacher, yet she shows up at her class everyday to intimidate her! uses biro to flick her hair. She tells her to her face that she does not like her mother, tells her that celebrity kids are badly behaved and she should not bring her aura, she should stop feeling proud, she should not bring her online drama to school,” she said.

When confronted on the attack, she said the teacher did not only hesitate in telling her to her face the level of hatred she has, but she added that she will continue to bully the child for as long as she likes.

“Since I was around, I took the opportunity to meet this teacher politely and I could see she has been waiting to tell me how much she hates me… she tells me to my face that she does not care and she will punish her anytime she likes,” she recounted.

The response has touched Miss Johnson’s nerve to call out the teacher on social media – something she has never done – and called on the school authorities to instill discipline.

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