Men, You Say You Want A Strong, Intelligent & Truly Independent Woman; What Are You Also Bringing To The Table? Delay Writes

Now more than ever, you hear guys saying that want a lady who is very strong, intelligent, very independent and what have you.

TV Presenter, Delay has taken to her IG page to pen down an interesting post. Basically, Delay is asking that if you want all this, what are you also bringing to the table?

Delay added that guys have to prove their right of entrance .

She posted;

” Men,you say you want a strong, intelligent, truly independent woman who wants you rather than needs you, who inspires you, who pushes you towards being yourself, who can stick by you through the hardest times, and who can be your rock through life’s obstacles.
But you need to know that a truly strong, independent woman does not walk through life with her heart wide open. She has had to put up walls to block toxicity to obtain her strength. She is skeptical and always on alert from a lifetime of defense against predators.

She is going to be a bit jaded, a little cynical, and a little scary because those qualities come with the struggle of obtaining that strength that gravitates you. She is going to doubt and question your good intentions because it has become her adaptability instincts that have allowed her to thrive.
She is not a ball of sunshine. She has flaws. She has a past. She has her demons. She knows better than to just let down her barriers for you simply because you voice a desire to enter.

Delay continued;

” You have to prove your right of entrance. She will assume the worst of you because the worst has happened. If you want her to see otherwise, prove her wrong!!!

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