Men with Big Balls Are Naturally Born Cheats – Stephanie Benson

Men with Big Balls Are Naturally Born Cheats – Stephanie Benson

Ghanaian -UK based songstress, Stephanie Benson has cautioned women to check the size of the balls of their spouses to know if they are cheats or otherwise


According to the veteran musician own way of ascertaining this, men who have bigger balls are not faithful and are prone to cheating in their relationship or marriages.


‘However, men with small-sized balls do not cheat and are very faithful to their spouses to the end urging women to go for such persons instead’ she revealed.

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She mentioned that her husband has small balls hence he has been faithful throughout their marriage till now.


How you can tell from your Man s Ball that he will be a Cheater. This is for single ladies. But the married ones pls contribute.  pic.twitter.com/j8dGR5gQwW


— StephanieBenson (@StephanieBLive) February 25, 2020


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