Meet The “Fake Messi” Who Slept With 23 Ladies By Pretending To Be The Real Lionel Messi

His name is Reza Paratesh an Irabian man who found an unusual feature that could have led him to his success; His facial similarity with Barcelona star striker, Lionel Mesi. It happened that one day his (Reza’s) father

gave him a Barcelona shirt and asked him to take a picture with it. The result was marvelous and hilarious at the same time.

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Reza then decided to copy Messi in every possible detail and reportedly slept with twenty-three (23) women with his fake identity.


This got him into trouble with the police many times and earned him the nickname “Fake Messi”. Because he wanted to look just

like the star (Messi), Parastesh trimmed his hair and grew a beard just to look and live exactly as Messi.

Even though some of the claims against him have been denounced by the police, Reza also took to his Instagram page which has

more than 1Million+ followers to clear all fake air around him. On an interview he was granted recently, Reza said he hoped and dreamed of meeting with the real Lionel Messi one day.

Below are some pictures of Reza Paratesh and Lionel Messi. Check it out and see the difference;




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