Meet Level 400 University student who works as trotro mate to pay her fees

Ernestina Wilson, a level 400 student of Christian Service University(CUC) in Kumasi has been working as a bus conductor known in the local parlance as a trotro mate for more than two years for her upkeep and also pay her school fees.

Ernestina Wilson started as a trotro mate when she was in level 200 in 2019.

Sharing her touching story in an interview with Pure FM’s Osei Kwadwo, Ernestina Wilson explained that “I have lost my parents and the only option is to be a bus conductor to survive and pay my school fees”

According to her, “I realized that it won’t be easy to get someone to support me in school after I lost my parents so I decided to support myself by working hard to earn something for myself”.

“Someone introduced me into the bus conducting (trotro mate) business and I feel comfortable to work as a trotro mate though it is not easy but that’s the only option I have now,” Ernestina Wilson said

“I don’t feel shy with the work that I’m doing but blending the work and the studies sometimes hectic but because I am determined not to stop the school because I have lost my parents who will support me, I have to make time for the work and the studies”.

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